Telehealth is available for remote Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy sessions.

Telehealth may be used exclusively or in conjunction with in-clinic services.

Our Therapy Team will help you determine if Telehealth is right for your child.

Why Telehealth?
• Eliminates transportation issues.
• The child is doing their therapy in their natural environment, your home. You or a caregiver can be involved to whatever extent is appropriate, learning as the child learns. Many things that can be accomplished in the clinic, can also be accomplished in teletherapy.
• Observing and working with the child in their home environment is often helpful for home programming and carry over from therapy to home.
• Therapy can continue during stay at home requirements, from clinic to telehealth and back. In many cases, therapy can be completed by Telehealth alone.

What do you need for Telehealth?
• A laptop or tablet with a video camera and microphone installed are most helpful, that way the device can be moved around as necessary for movement activities. A desktop is also suitable in some cases.
• A good internet connection.

Functional Kids Clinic uses a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) approved video platform.

We will do a complimentary tech test to help you set things up correctly if needed.

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