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Occupational Therapy Services Maplewood MNOur occupational therapy staff focuses on children and young adults. The occupations of infants include sleeping, eating and exploration of their physical, social and cultural worlds. As we grow, we add occupations such as play, socialization, self-maintenance, and school. Adolescent and young adult occupations also add preparation for adult employment, forming intimate relationships, social engagement and community involvement, and managing tasks of life independently such as money management and transportation.

At Functional Kids Clinic we start with the idea that play is children’s work. We believe the best results will come when children participate in activities that are engaging and meaningful to them. That often includes play. Our treatment spaces are set up to be motivating and encourage climbing (for strengthening, body control, and calming) and swinging (for calming, regulating & organizing our body, coordination, postural control and balance), to name just a couple.

Our highly skilled therapists strive to meet the “just the right challenge” while building confidence, integrating the sensory systems, and promoting motor development.

We effectively evaluate and treat children who have a variety of symptoms and clinical presentations. These include a range of subtle symptoms interfering with functioning through medical diagnoses such as autism spectrum disorder, pervasive developmental disorder (PDD- NOS), ADD/ADHD, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, development delays, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, feeding issues, and sensory processing difficulties. Each child is unique and is treated with an individualized treatment plan developed with the family/caregivers.

The occupational therapists at Functional Kids Clinic have a broad range of training, experience and, when appropriate, certification in many different treatment approaches.

Occupational Therapy Maplewood MNThese Include:
Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Instrumental ADL (IADL) training
Gross and Fine Motor skills development
Neurodevelopmental treatment
Sensory processing and modulation skills
Postural motor skills
Motor planning (praxis) building
Perceptual and Visual Motor Integration
Handwriting & pre-academic skills
Building social skills and relationships/friendships
Oral motor and feeding skills

Specific programs we are trained to use:

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Our occupational therapy team also provides aquatic therapy services at Points of Stillness in Hudson, Wisconsin.

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