Food Therapy

Sequential Oral Sensory Feeding Approach (S.O.S.)

Children's Food Therapy Maplewood MN Functional Kids ClinicLevel 1 of SOS intervention targets medically fragile children and adults with limited intake, variety or quantity of foods in their diet. This is an approach to help children who have difficulty eating a variety of foods. It was developed by a psychologist named Kay Toomey, PhD.

It works to dispel several myths about eating difficulties, increase understanding and awareness of the prerequisites to good eating, and help guide children and families along a developmental continuum of eating.

• Accepts (visually)
• Interacts (using tools)
• Smells
• Touches (fingertips, finger pads, palm, arm, chest, head, nose…)
• Tastes
• Eats

Level 2 SOS intervention is for children with severe feeding issues that may require tube feeding.

Level 3 SOS intervention is for children on the autism spectrum with feeding issues.

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